Minton Learning Services helps students with learning disabilities, learning differences, dyslexia and ADD/ADHD

As an educational diagnostician, learning specialist and consultant, I work with students in Walla Walla Washington and surrounding communities in the Pacific Northwest.  I conduct comprehensive diagnostic educational assessments and consult with parents and students about the next steps to address their learning difficulties.  Follow-up consultations about classroom accommodations, Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and other issues may be an important part of our work together.

I also offer specialized tutoring services for students who are struggling with their learning and classroom success.

When families living outside of the Pacific Northwest request my help,  I enjoy working with parents and students at a distance by telephone, email and video conference. To learn more see Remote Consultations

Who benefits from these services?

Are you frustrated that you haven’t found an educational diagnostician, learning disabilities specialist or other professional who sees a bigger picture, beyond test scores and labels?  Do you sense that your student needs a different kind of help than what you have found so far?  Do you believe that your child may be gifted and also experiencing an unknown difficulty that is interfering with classroom success?  Are you a family who is home schooling and are concerned that one of your children may need some additional help to be a happier and more successful learner?

Has your child been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD?

Are you looking for more information that makes sense to you and more choices about how to help your bright child do better in school?

Complimentary Consultation

If you feel that it’s time to try a different approach that is not a one-size-fits-all method, that has been proven to work well for many others, please contact me for a complimentary  phone consultation to see if an educational diagnostic assessment or specialized tutoring would be a good match for your student’s needs.