Testing & Assessment

Minton Learning provides testing and comprehensive educational diagnostic assessments designed to discover the student’s strengths as well as their learning problems.  The goal is to discover the root causes and contributing factors of learning differences, which then makes it possible to find ways to make school a more pleasant and successful experience.

A growing number of bright students experience problems with reading, writing and doing math. Some learning difficulties appear before first grade, while others aren’t apparent until middle school or later. When a student is tested to determine if there is a learning disability, any learning problem that is diagnosed will be labeled, with ADD, ADHD or Dyslexia being the most common terms. Such labels sometimes result from looking only at a few symptoms or test scores when there are multiple factors that may cause a student to have a reading problem, difficulty paying attention or any other learning challenge.

Parents may know that their student is experiencing a problem with academic progress, but their requests for an in-depth evaluation are denied and they don’t know where to turn. In some cases the child has been tested, but the scores do not meet the guidelines required to receive assistance during the school day.

Comprehensive educational diagnostic assessments are conducted for students who experience a wide variety of learning difficulties. Some students may have already been diagnosed with:

  • Specific learning disabilities in reading, writing, or math
  • Dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia
  • Processing speed difficulties
  • Problems with eye-hand or visual-motor integration
  • ADD/ADHD or other difficulties with concentration, attention, memory and organization
  • Poor executive functioning skills
  • Sensory integration disorder
  • Head injury, including concussion

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