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Books by Richard Louv

Richard Louv’s book, Last Child in the Woods: Saving our children from nature-deficit disorder, became an international bestseller nearly a decade ago, winning the prestigious Audobon Medal. Louv has authored more than half-dozen books about family, nature and community, with Last Child in the Woods being the most well-known. It is a great resource for the parents and teachers of all children, whether or not they experience a learning difficulty.

Louv’s writing and activism has played a major role in expanding the international back-to-nature campaign to beneift children everywhere. In his book Louv brings forward the growing body of evidence that shows us some of the relationships between the lack of nature in children’s lives and the meteoric rise in obesity and other health problems, attention and learning disabilities, and depression. He describes how young people are often so engaged with electronic devices and indoor activities that they haven’t had a chance to develop a connection with the natural world.

This is a positive book, filled with uplifting stoires and encouragement for parents, teachers, and others. The 2008 updated and expanded edition includes ideas for fun family outdoor activities and discussion ideas useful for the classroom, book groups, or community planning.

I recommend Last Child in the Woods for so many reasons, especially for those who are involved in helping students with learning disabilities and learning differences.  Weaving together alarming realizations about “modern ills” with exciting and appealing solutions, we are given tools to change the lives of the young people we care about, while looking after our adult selves at the same time.  Louv has also authored The Nature Principle: Reconnecting with life in a virtual age (2012).  His books are published by Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill and are available at your local library or bookseller.