Learning Disabilities Assessment

Minton Learning Services  provides comprehensive educational testing to discover your child’s strengths and learning differences. I  work with you to deal with root causes of learning difficulties rather than focusing on labels and ways to cover up symptoms. Helping students to enjoy learning and to reach their highest potential sometimes includes referring to other competent and trusted professionals.

A growing number of bright students experience problems with learning how to read, write and do math.  Some learning difficulties appear before first  grade, while others aren’t apparent until middle school or later. When a student is tested to determine if there is a learning disability, any learning problem that is diagnosed will be labeled, with ADD or Dyslexia usually being the most common terms. Such labels sometimes result from looking only at a few symptoms or test scores. There are multiple factors that may cause a student to have a reading problem, have difficulty paying attention or to experience any other learning challenge. However, the traditional process used to assess students is often a narrow one, based almost entirely on test scores.

I provide comprehensive diagnostic assessments for students who experience a variety of learning difficulties or who may have already been diagnosed with:

• Specific learning disabilities

•Non-verbal learning disabilities

• Dyslexia

• Processing speed difficulties

• Problems with eye-hand or small motor coordination

• Problems with concentration, attention, memory and organization


• Twice exceptional—Gifted/talented with a learning disability

• Sensory integration disorder

• Head injury

• Students struggling in school, but not qualified to receive accommodations or other services

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My office is conveniently located in Walla Walla, Washington. I also consult with students and parents who live at a distance via phone, video conferencing and email. Your first half-hour appointment is at no charge, so that you can learn more about the assessment process and also ask questions. Together we can decide if your student’s learning problems are a good match for the work that I do.